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Open Innovation Lab Egypt is a virtual open laboratory platform for extended art/culture research hosted at South Valley University, Faculty Fine Arts Luxor. The aim of this network is to integrate user-centered, open-innovation ecosystems, concurrent research and innovation processes within a publicprivate-people partnerships in the field of Service Science. As a platform for interaction between researchers and practitioners Open Innovation Lab Egypt seeks to establish networking space for key players in the field of service design and service innovation.

We conceive idea development in culture, industry, education and society as experimentation, where innovation is a fusion of creative processes which we conventionally think of as ‘art’, ‘science’ and ‘research’. Topics include service design, technology, innovation processes and skill development: the process of creative thought synthesizes esthetic and analytical methods and becomes a catalyst for innovation.


Customer Journey ‚Shade in the City’ [2014]
ED_LAB | Spatial Analysis WS 2015/16

ED_LAB | Spatial Analysis WS 2015/16